About ClearFX

ClearFX is a ceramic coating that protects and strengthens the vehicle’s paint surface and clear coat. Which provides an additional layer of protection against scratches, bird droppings, tree sap, etching, and other debris.

ClearFX bonds to the vehicles surface to create a hydrophobic layer which means that water literally beads off of the surface making it easier to wash, and eliminating the need to wax saving you time and money.


Interior Application

ClearFX can be used on interior leather and vinyl surfaces. It protects from UV damage, adds water resistance, and minor hydrophobic effects prolonging the leather and vinyl’s aesthetics from spills and fading.


Wheel Application

ClearFX used on the wheels of the vehicle protects from brake dust, tar, extreme heat, water, and dirt. ClearFX maintains the durability and overall appearance of the wheels.


After-Care Instructions

Exterior Care

Initial cure is achieved within 24 hours and fully cured by 2 weeks, weather permitting.

Avoid automatic car washes that use brushes.

Hand wash the vehicle is recommended, and avoid washing the vehicle in direct sunlight.

Avoid using dish liquid to wash your vehicle, use an approved car wash soap.

Remove bird droppings and tree sap, as soon as you notice it, the acid will damage the ClearFX over time and permanently damage the paint.

Avoid using abrasive winter brushes, there are alternatives snow removal tools available at other car care centres.


Interior Care

The interior ClearFX is fully cured within 12 hours.

Cleanup all spills immediately.


Wheel Care

Initial cure is achieved in 12 hours and fully cured within 2 weeks, weather permitting.

Avoid using harsh wheel cleaners.

Avoid using abrasive materials.


Additional Information

ClearFx is mainly used on new vehicles that have not sustained any paint damage, because ClearFX does not have any restorative properties.

Before ClearFX can be applied to an older vehicle, a RestorFX treatment, or paint correction must be completed for best results.

If the vehicle undergoes a RestorFX treatment, it is recommended to wait 2 weeks between treatments to allow RestorFX to be fully cured prior to ClearFX application.