Headlight Restoration

Headlights become hazy, foggy, cloudy, or yellow over time, due to weather and age. The restoration process chemically clears the yellowing of the lenses and minimizes the surface micro scratches. This significantly enables the headlights to work at full capacity again, giving more light on the road where you need it.


Trim Restoration

The trim are the non painted surfaces on the vehicle that are plastic or rubber that enhance the exterior’s appearance. Over time these become faded, even with a flawless exterior this can reduce the overall image of the vehicle. Restoring the trim will bring the faded colouring back to black working seamlessly with the rest of the exterior. While this can restore plastic and rubber trim, unfortunately is does not restore chrome accents.


Paint Chip Repair

Paint chips occur because of stones, salt, and other debris impacting your vehicle taking the paint with it. Over time untreated areas will begin to rust, creating a much larger and urgent need to repaint the vehicle as the rust spreads. By proactively repairing the small paint-less areas you will effectively prevent immediate rusting, and improve the overall appearance of the vehicle.