About RestorFX

RestorFX is not a wax, cut and polish, paint sealant, or any other typical protective coating. It is a permanent solution that actually repairs damage without the high cost of  repainting while achieving results that traditional detailing methods cannot be compared.

RestorFX is a chemical clear coat restoration process that permanently resurfaces the vehicles paint, removing surface scratches, and minimizing deep scratches that still have a layer of paint. The process also eliminates swirls and water spots, while reducing etching caused by pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, and other debris.


Application Process

RestorFX requires precise techniques, proper equipment, and an advanced lighting system to ensure proper installation occurs. Continuous training is required to be up to date with products, techniques, and certification.

The care, and quality of the installation will ensure your vehicle and investment is protected and restored for years to come.

After-Care Instructions

Initial cure is achieved within 24 hours and fully cured by 2 weeks, weather permitting.

Avoid automatic car washes that use brushes.

Hand wash the vehicle is recommended, and avoid washing the vehicle in direct sunlight.

Avoid using dish liquid to wash your vehicle, use an approved car wash soap.

Remove bird droppings and tree sap, as soon as you notice it, the acid will damage the ClearFX over time and permanently damage the paint.

Avoid using abrasive winter brushes, there are alternatives snow removal tools available at other car care centres.


Additional Information

The RestorFX treatment does not have any protective properties, your vehicle will still be susceptible to future paint damage.  Please see ClearFX for protective options.